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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mini Tiny Keris from Java

I bought this mini size keris yesterday in Magelang city, Central Java. Look at its size just 7 cm length made of bronze. There is Arab character on it. It usually used in a Java traditionally ceremony.

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My Small Coin Album Page #2

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Friday, January 25, 2008

My Small Coin Album Page #1

My Small Coin Album Page #1: Republica de Chile 100 Pesos, Greeks, Republique Francaise 10 Francs 1976, Nepal, Republica de Chile 50 Pesos, RF 10 Francs Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite 1989.

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Koningrijk der Nederlanden 1 Cent 1920 Coin

This is the picture of The Kingdom of Nederlands (Koningrijk der Nederlanden) 1 Cent 1920 Coin. The coin diameter size is very small.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

East Timor Coin - Republica Portuguesa 1970

This is the picture of the East Timor coin in 1970.

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The Story of Dutch East Indies Tenth Gulden

I don't know that the Dutch East Indies Tenth Gulden coin has an unique story untill I read this: "These coins were minted in the USA for the Netherlands during WW2, when the royal mint at Utrecht was not available. They were intended for use in the unnocupied portions of the Indies.."

It has just 15 mm in diameter and made of .7200 silver. Very small coin. These coins are uncirculated and issued in year 1941.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Coin Software

I found a free Euro and Dollar coin software on Free Downloads Center website. This software is just for those two currencies. The software name is Find Coins Viewer.

Find Coins Viewer is the software utility of online website of On this site, I can find information about coins of world and where I can manage online my collection to easily swap with other user.

To use the software, you can follow these steps:
- Enter the preferred filters on the left search panel
- Press the Search button. The coins list will shown.
- Select a coin on the list by click it to show the correlated informations on the right window.

Please note, you need an internet connection to use this software.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Indonesian Heritage Series Book

In my book case, there is one of my precious collection. It is the Indonesian Heritage Series Book 1 - 10. Below is the description of the publisher of the book.

The Indonesian Heritage Series represents an important breakthrough in reference publishing. This multi-volume thematic encyclopedia focusing on Indonesia's natural and cultural heritage is the first comprehensive encyclopedia to cover the entire Indonesian Archipelago from Sumatra to Irian Jaya. One of the world's most populous nations, Indonesia is home to one of the world's richest and most resilient civilisations. However, few people outside the region know much about this country and its fascinating and colourful cultures and biological diversity.

The Indonesian Heritage Series is richly illustrated in full colour, with photographs, specially commissioned illustrations, maps diagrams and images drawn from archives in Asia, Europe and the United States. These volumes set out to inform and educate, providing the reader with a broad-based overview of one of the world's largest nations. Each volume has been prepared under the guidance of a volume editor who is an expert on the subject covered. The volumes are arranged in chapters consisting of a series of double-page spreads, each written by a specialist in that field, and may be read in sequence as part of the overall subject, or as individual discussions of a particular topic.

The title of the series are below:
- Ancient History
- The Human Environment
- Early Modern History
- Plants
- Wild Live
- Architecture
- Visual
- Performing Arts
- Religion and Ritual
- Language and Literature

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Understanding the History of a Nation through Coin

The money is not just an exchange tool, but as a symbol of civilization too (politics, culture, and era). Therefore, money has multifunction. If we read the development of a currency, we can tell a story about the condition of a nation and all of the civilization journey history.

The journey of Indonesia history could be seen on the currency too. The Kindom of Djenggala (856-1158 M) is the first kindom which use currency (9th - 12th century). In 7th century, it's known that at the first time the currency made from silver in semi circular (half-circle) form. There is the carved of vase and billowing smoke on its face. On the back, the carved of Padma flower at the center of a frame.

Except to half-circle form, there are coins in the rectangular and button form which carved with ancient Javanese character.

In the Djenggala era at Kediri which known as the oldest kingdom on Java Island, the money was called by name "Krishnala". The money was made of silver and bronze. In the Majapahit era, the money was known by name "Gobog", looks like the Chinese gobog. Form in thin-circle and there was a rectangle hole at its center. In general, the Gobog money has carved of animal, puppet, and the relief which symbolize a people tale on that time.

There is more in the Kingdom of Banten, the currency which has the form as like as the Majapahit's Gobog money. In the Kingdom of Sumenep, the money called by name "Real Batu". That money supposed come from the Kingdom of Spanish's currency, but modificated by put a stamp of Arabian character "Soemenep", "Number" or "Rose flower".

At the Kingdom of Gowa, South Sulawesi, the Dinar money which made of gold was known in the Sultan Hasanuddin era (17th century). It's look like the Derham Aceh. In Banjarmasin, known as "Doewit" and circulating around year 1812, made of tin.

The currency which mold by the Kingdom of Buton, has difference to the other kingdom currencies, because it doesn't use metal, but fabric material which weaved by the king daughter. It's popular by name "Kampua" or Bida".

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Bank Indonesia's Cyber Museum

Take a look at You can see the collection of the Bank Notes and Coins from Republic Indonesia. Every bank note or coin has a history of Indonesia since 1945 untill now.

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The Keris "Padmonogo" (?)

Someone told me that this is look like the Keris Padmonogo from Yogyakarta, guard of the Heirloom of Parikesit (Pusaka Parikesit). Is it true?

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Numismatics Collection of the Museum Nasional

The Museum Nasional has more than 17,112 Numismatic and Heraldic objects - 500 of which are on public display. The Numismatic collection comprises Indonesian and foreign coins and valuable papers, whereas the Heraldic collection is made up of medals, emblems, stamps and amulets. These collections were started by Radermacher in 1778.

As recorded by ancient Javanese inscriptions, Indonesian currencies date back to the 8th century. These early coins were made out of gold and silver, and were known as masa, suwarna and dharana. They were utilised until the 15th century together with Chinese currency, although the latter continued to be used in Bali until the 1950s.

During the Majapahit age, coins called gobog were also in circulation and in subsequent centuries. Islamic kingdoms such as Aceh, Palembang, Jambi and Banten produceh their own currencies too. They were named after kings and were imprinted with the Islamic year (Hijrah) in Arab-Melayu letters.

Between the 16th and 20th centuries, each colony (Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese) had their own currency. As time passed, gold and silver coins gave away to paper notes.

The Museum Nasional collects foreign currencies, including Dutch, British, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, Chinese and Japanese coinage. Among the most interesting collections are the knife money (tao chien or uang pisau), made in the 3rd century BC.

Source: Museum Nasional Guidebook

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Monday, January 14, 2008

USA Ten D 1901 Coin

The USA Ten D 1901 Coin of mine above. Below is the new one (1907).

My Small Coin Album

Do you see the head of Alexander Great in it?

More Antiques and Coins

I have more coins from many country in my album, such as India, Malta, Greek, USA, Malaysia, China, Hongkong, Japan, Italia, England, Germany, etc. I've had scanned them and I will post it for you.

All my coins collected in Bandung city. It's not difficult to find the vendors or antique store in this city. One of them located at Cihampelas street (Ocean Store). In this store, there are many antiques from the old era, such as type machine, books, plate, necklace, ring, household, coins, numismatic, old type camera, ceramics, and much more.

You should come to this store if you like antiques.