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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Small Coin Album Page #3

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Antique Book: "Reisatlas der Stoomvaart Maatschappij"

Amsterdam, Stoomvaart society the Netherlands z.j. [ approx. 1924 ] stitched [ leer].116 p. descriptions and cards in colour of port of Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Southamton, Island Wight, Gibraltar-Algiers, Genua, Port Said and Suez, Colombo-Ceylon, Belawan-Singapore, Batavia, and the sky

This book is one of my collection and written in Dutch language. I like it because there are maps of old Batavia city, Singapore, and several navigation maps on the sea from Amsterdam to Tg. Priok.

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Type of Coin I Should Collect

Coins are also graded. A coin's grading depends on its condition and the price of the coin will rely heavily on it. It is important for a coin collector to know how to grade a coin.

Uncirculated coins are those coins that are not showing any wear and tear or to use a famous term, in mint condition. A mint state (MS) grading depends on a coin's luster, contact marks, hair lines and overall appeal. A coin can have a grade ranging from MS-60 (dull luster) to a flawless MS-70. Although MS-70 is considered unobtainable, a grade of MS-65 and higher will make a coin's price shoot up.

Circulated coins are more forgiving, it does not take into consideration the amount of stracthes and dirt a coin has gathered along the years. Grades for circulated coins will vary. AU (about uncirculated), EF (extremely fine), VF (very fine), F (fine), VG (very good), G (good), AG (about good), F-2 (fair) and P (poor) are used as indication of how much a coin is worth.

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